Every single pair of espadrij l’originale® is traditionally produced in one of the last original factories in a small village in the French Pyrenees. They are handmade or manufactured on old, traditional machines.

The result: highest quality, natural materials and an authentic look. Our trademark: a strong canvas and a solid, rugged sole covered with water-resistant natural rubber, which makes the shoe resistant to water and humidity.

Currently more than 10 different styles and 20 colors are available ready to offer you joy, while you are wearing a pair of espadrij l’originale®!

Espadrij Maison
The label all around the shoe classic Espadrilles has set itself the task to produce high quality and traditional products under the aspect of sustainability. A long-lasting and very intensive partnership with well-established manufactures in France and Spain as well as the usage of natural materials is first priority of Espadrij l’originale®.
In Fall 2017 the brand presented the slipper collection Espadrij Maison® for the very first time. Since then our cozy and comfy winter models provide warm feet during colder days. This year the collection is supplemented by some homewear articles like pillowcases and blankets.